Best 7 False Ceiling Designs for the Bedroom

1.Timbered ceiling The timbered ceiling is one of the best 7 False Ceiling Designs for the Bedroom. Wooden beams and is a versatile tool that can be used to craft bold, clean designs on a false ceiling. See how this room offers added depth thanks to the dramatic timbered ceiling effect.

The false ceiling is embedded with recessed lights that subtly highlight the walnut grid while a leaf-petal chandelier adds a playful touch of glam to space.

2.Gypsum beam grid

The gypsum is one of the Best 7 False Ceiling Designs for the Bedroom. If you flipped the previous design upside down, you’d get something like this. In this island-inspired bedroom, the base timber paneling is buttressed by a gypsum beam grid. The ceiling pops with its various levels and the grid reveals polished square panels within, each kept to its natural grain.

3.Floor-to-ceiling ribbon

Aerodynamic, seamless, and smooth are words that come to mind for this design. The false ceiling in this bedroom is restricted to a single stylistic ribbon that sits below the ceiling and extends from the floor and flows across the ceiling and over the bed as a futuristic canopy. With spotlights and cove lighting along with the ceiling, the design channels a futuristic appeal. The ribbon plays host to the television while retaining its place as the focal centerpiece.

4.Flush-mounted fixtures

The ceiling has plenty to offer in this vanilla-mocha vacation cabin, with multiple interlayered faux ceiling elements. The outer broad ceiling cornice features both recessed lights and soft cove lighting. Matched in style and spirit is the quadrant of flush-mounted fixtures that mirror the same lighting scheme.

5.Paneled tray The light-studded cornice in this room offers ample lighting and also works as a mainstay for the rich panel display on the ceiling. Interestingly, both the tray and the cornice are false ceiling elements. The oakwood tray, laid with traditional ceiling planks, is reminiscent of mid-20th-century architecture.

6.Wood-finish rafters

This chamber of slumber is an eclectic mix of rustic charm and contemporary aesthetics; the ceiling has the air of a quaint log cabin. The false ceiling is layered in narrow wood panels and embellished with heavy-duty beams laid across horizontally. It also features LED lights at various spots, which come together to serve as the room’s arterial lighting network.

7.Textured ceiling

The textures Ceiling is one part of the room that needs some attention. You can find any type of ceiling textures from casual to formal that you can choose to apply in your room to help the room looking great. If you like a complex look for your room, you can look at the knockdown ceiling texture design. For the formal look, you can look up at the combed look with a swirling pattern.

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